The 2014 CrossFit Games Open FAQ

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a world-wide online CrossFit competition featuring 5 workouts over 5 weeks.

Can I compete?

Yes! Over 138,000 people all over the world participated in the Open last year!

CFEB is holding its first Intramural Open this year! If you are signed up for the Open, you are signed up for the Intramural Open!

Where is it held?

CrossFit East Bay will be a participating affiliate, so you can come to us to have your workout judged.

I’m going to be judged?

Yes, you must meet the movement standards of each workout in order for each rep to count.

When will it be?

CFEB will hold judged workouts starting at 9am on these dates:

Saturday, March 1
Saturday, March 8
Saturday, March 15
Saturday, March 22
Saturday, March 29

If you cannot come to those times, alternate judging times are TBA.

Do I have to do all 5 workouts?


What are the workouts like?

They are all AMRAPs in the 5-18 minute range using standard CrossFit movements. This could change, but it seems unlikely.

What if I can’t lift a weight or do a hard movement? Can I scale?

The workouts are designed such that a majority of people will be able to complete at least 1 rep. You are strongly encouraged not to scale.

What if I come in last place in a workout?

The only way to come in last is to not do a single rep of a workout!

Are there weight, sex, or age categories?

No, yes, and yes. Here are the categories:

Individual Men and Women
Masters Men and Women 40-44
Masters Men and Women 45-49
Masters Men and Women 50-54
Masters Men and Women 55-59
Masters Men and Women 60+

When you register online, you will automatically be added to the appropriate category.

What if I’m traveling during the Open and I can’t go to CFEB?

You can go to another participating affiliate and ask them to judge and validate your workout. Most affiliates will participate. It’s normal for some affiliates charge a small fee for judging.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up for the Open

After you sign up:
Select your affiliate: CrossFit East Bay
Select your team: CrossFit East Bay

Can I be on the CFEB Team?

Everyone will be on the CFEB Team for the Open.

Ynez says:

“I learned more about the burpee as we prepared to do them for 7 minutes last year than I had in 4 years of doing them every week.”

Zach says:

“The month-long competition of the Open wasn’t any different than any other month of training in CrossFit. Some workouts you kill, some kill you, but bottom line it’s a TON OF FUN!”

Jessie B says:

“It turned out that competing in the Open was a great way for me to get started at CrossFit East Bay. Preparing for and completing the Open workouts, I got to know many more experienced CrossFitters who helped me with my movements and made me feel as if I really belonged within the CFEB community”.

Andi says:

“Competition adds yet another stimulating level of complexity and fun to an already-complex and fun sport.”

Scott says:

“Sign up, compete, raise your game and have fun.”