Olympic Lifting and Yoga Programs Start Sunday 5/11/2014

We have two new specialty programs starting on Sunday. If you are constantly wondering what you can do to improve your Olympic Lifting, if you find yourself practicing the Oly lifts in every Open Gym, etc., then this is for you. Olympic Lifting is complex (yet simple) and takes a LONG time to get really good at. This 16-hour series with Marco, limited to ten people is perfect for the beginner or intermediate Olympic Lifter. If you don’t see improvement we will gladly give you your money back.


We also have a relaxing, restorative three-session series of Yoga for CrossFitters with Ynez starting the same day. This is an easy fun opportunity to get your mobility on and build on the progress you made with the mobility challenge!


Olympic Lifting

Marco Personal Trainer Oakland CA

This is our Olympic Lifting program taught by Coach Mark “Marco” Filamore suitable for beginner/intermediate Olympic Lifters and CrossFit competitors, and anyone who wants to dig deeper into Olympic Lifting.

This is an eight-session series (sixteen hours of total training), which takes place on Sundays from 11-1PM.


  • Session One: Test Clean & Jerk and Snatch
  • Session Two: The Clean technique session
  • Session Three: The Snatch technique session
  • Session Four: The Jerk technique session
  • Session Five: Snatch work
  • Session Six: Clean & Jerk work
  • Session Seven: Snatch work
  • Session Eight: Re-Test Clean & Jerk and Snatch

When: Sunday May 11, 18, 15 – June 8, 15, 22, 29 – July 6
Where: CrossFit East Bay, 66 Franklin St, Oakland CA.
Cost: Members: $199, Visitors $399





This is a once-a-week series offered for three weeks at a time by CrossFit East Bay’s Senior Trainer, Ynez Arce, Accredited L1 CrossFit Trainer and Certified Yoga Teacher.

This is an ideal compliment to the routine of hard-charging CrossFiters. This is a relaxing and comfortable introduction to Yoga practice. There will be a specific focus or each class. Each class will have a similar warm up and cool down but we will have a unique focus and lead people through a series of poses. When it’s warmer we will also take the group outside and do a practice there as well.

Class One – hip openers
Class Two – back bends
Class Three – shoulder flexibility

When: Sunday May 11,18 & 25 at 4PM
Where: CrossFit East Bay, 66 Franklin Street, Jack London Square
Cost: $30 members, $45 non-members