Sweat & Sport

Strict Press 1-1-1-1-1 (Find today’s 1RM)
Push Press 1-1-1-1-1 (Find today’s 1RM)




“Upsides” v1

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
10 Push-presses @ 60% of today’s Max Push-press



“Upsides” v2

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
10 Handstand Push-ups



It’s fun and useful to find 1-rep maxes occasionally, both to find our current strength limits and to do lifting workouts using percentages of that limit in order to get stronger.

For CrossFit metcons, we often specify exact weights to use, like 95/65lb or 135/95lb. Whether you do the “Rx” (specified) weight or not, we strongly recommend that you use 45-75% of your 1RM lifts in metcons, depending on the intent of the workout. If the Rx/specified weight falls outside of that range, you might scale the weight down (or up!) to get it within your range.


2 weeks until Memorial Day “Murph”

9am-10:30am on Monday, May 29

Bring a friend!

We will have one class on Memorial Day in which we all do the hero WOD “Murph”.

We offer scaling options so that everyone gets to do the version of “Murph” that provides the best training effect.

“Murph” is:

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

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