3 rounds for time of:
50 calorie Row or Bike
150 Double-unders
50 Walking lunge steps

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.



Scale Double-unders to 1x Single-unders or to 1/2 (75) or even 1/3 (50) of the Double-unders.

When to reduce Double-unders:
Open WOD 17.5 contained 350 Double-unders. This WOD contains 450 Double-unders.
If you got your Double-under *after* Open 17.5, then do 30-50 Double-unders per round today.
If you did 17.5 in over 20 minutes or did not complete it, do 50-75 Double-unders per round today.
If you did 17.5 in under 20 minutes, do 75-150 Double-unders per round today.
If you did not do 17.5, consult your coach and we’ll figure out together how many Double-unders to do today.

Based on a Main Site WOD.


Donate your formal and semi-formal attire to the Roosevelt Middle School 8th Grade Dance

From CFEB member and Roosevelt teacher Hailee:

Hi Bay Area friends! Each year our school hosts a dance for our graduating 8th graders. Suggested attire is formal/semi-formal and students can interpret that as they wish . Many of our students do not have the means to go out and purchase an outfit for the occasion… but you can help!

Do you have any outfits (of the semi-formal variety) that you are willing to retire? We have ladies and gentlemen of all sizes and would like to offer students some selection. Please let me know if you would like to donate any clothing or accessories for the kids´ big day. Thanks everyone!

We have a big box in the gym Storage Room of CFEB for you to drop off clothing and accessories.

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