We get it. It’s a challenge to balance the seemingly conflicting demands of work, life, family, health, nutrition and fitness. At CrossFit East Bay Nutrition and Fitness, we understand your challenges and will work with you to find the tools that will keep you fit, healthy and happy. We will help you achieve your goals so that you can inspire those around you.

Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

From the first day you walk in our doors or work with us online, our primary mission is to educate you about nutrition, help you lose weight, get stronger and develop a better body. We will help you find ways to improve your diet and establish consistent, healthy eating patterns for life. There are no foods that are never allowed. We believe that if we can help you find a healthy diet you enjoy you will stick with. No fads, no gimmicks, no quick fixes, just solid ways to help you meet your goals and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Strength Training and Cardio

We will teach you to lift and move safely in our beautiful and well-organized gym. Our program is designed for all levels and is not intimidating. You will not be left behind or slow down the group. In our gym everyone works together, but at their own pace and level. In our group classes and private training sessions we offer expert and precise instruction in cardio, bodyweight and weightlifting movements. You benefit from our years of experience: we have one of the original CrossFit programs, founded in September of 2007. Owner Maximus Lewin has been a full-time CrossFit Coach since early 2006 and has participated in CrossFit since 2004. Co-Owner Andrea Lewin is one of the few Certified Level 3 CrossFit Coaches in the Bay Area, and the first active CCFT (Certified CrossFit Trainer) in the East Bay.

Get Healthy, Feel Better

Following our nutrition, lifestyle and workout plan generally results in measurably better health: less bodyfat, better hip-to-waist ratio, lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and other favorable improvements to your health. The more closely you follow our suggestions, the better your results will be. We can and do work with people who are injured, sick or in pain on a regular basis. We often see health problems and injuries improve or dissipate in our program of nutrition and exercise. Depending on our assessment we may require you to consult an MD in order to tailor our programs to your needs.

End Gym Boredom and Confusion

If you are working out on your own in a conventional gym you may struggle with the problem of boring workouts or a lack of motivation. With all of the conflicting information our there you may find yourself wondering who has the answers. In our program we will give you solid, tested advice and tools to eat for health and performance. We have long experience in making people stronger, faster and fitter. Our program can be customized to focus on general health and fitness, more muscle gain, more cardio, Sport CrossFit and more. For very specific goals we offer a world-class personal training program.


We offer our programs in a beautiful and distraction-free environment.CrossFit East Bay Nutrition and Fitness offers a world-class training facility which is clean and well-organized. We always have enough equipment, and we cap classes at a reasonable number of people. We are located in safe and  elegant Jack London Square on the Oakland waterfront in one of the world’s most vibrant neighborhoods. We have modern spacious showers. Conveniently located off of the 880 and 980 Freeway, close to Uptown, Downtown, Chinatown, West Oakland and Lake Merritt. We are minutes away from Alameda via the Webster Street Tube. Take the Jackson Street Exit to get to us by car. We are next to to Amtrak and the San Francisco to Oakland Ferry Terminal. The free Broadway Shuttle stops one block away. The shuttle can be accessed from the City Center BART Station at 12th Street .7 miles away. We are .8 miles away from the Lake Merritt BART Station and 1.5 miles from the West Oakland Bart Station at 7th Street. DETAILED FACILITY DESCRIPTION.