CrossFit East Bay is a world-class boutique gym with premium amenities in the form of a generous equipment set, a best-in-class layout and various other creature comforts, such as superior showers. Have you been to a gym where inadequate equipment or crowding dampens your workout experience? That will not happen at CrossFit East Bay. Classes are capped at 18 athletes. Generally classes are smaller than that.

Our facility was purpose-built from an empty shell from floor to 18-foot ceiling, front to back and side to side. It all starts with our one-of-a-kind unique sound-dampening floors which enable us to live in peace with our neighbors, exceptional restaurants and a movie production studio. Bolted into this flooring is 75 feet of Rogue Monster Lite Rigging for a total of 14 lifting platforms (14 athletes or 28 pairs can squat, deadlift, press, snatch, clean and jerk, etc. at once. We also have seven benches so that 14 pairs or 21 triples can bench at once. Rounding out the training floor is a 65-foot AstroTurf section for sled pushes and open space for warm-ups and workouts. We also have turf on our frontage so you can workout outside if you wish. All this is located in a Triple-A location: beautiful, safe Jack London Square, on the Oakland waterfront. No dodging sketchy characters, running through traffic or other annoying aspects of working out at a warehouse in the hood or a traffic-heavy urban area.

All of our equipment is matching and of select quality. You won’t have to fight for your favorite bar as we have 15 Rogue Ohio Bars, six Rogue Women’s Bars and 17 Rogue Axle Bars as well as several specialty bars. All of our plates match: they are Rogue Pound Training Plates. We also have fractional plates right down to 1/4 pound so you can PR to your heart’s content. We have 208 dumbbells from eight to 100 pound pairs and 56 kettlebells from nine pounds to 105 pound pairs. We have every piece of equipment you could possibly need for a CrossFit workout and then some, including Rx Jump-ropes and Rogue Jerk/Pull Blocks. Assault Air Bikes, C2 Rowers, Glute Ham Developer (GHD), climbing ropes, you name it, we have it.

All of this is located in an open, inviting location bordered by the Jack London Square Marina, The Jack London Section of the San Francisco Bay Trail, PLANK, and historic Heinhold’s First And Last Chance Saloon, which has been in continuous operation since 1883! Also nearby is the Oakland Urban Wine Trail and Jack London’s Klondike Cabin (the real one, not a replica). Running workouts are a joy, running along the estuary and are especially awesome when you turn around and run back towards the Port Of Oakland which you will recognize as the supposed inspiration for the Imperial Walkers in The Empire Strikes Back (actually an urban myth).

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