• Certifications
  • CrossFitter since 2004
  • Personal Trainer in Oakland Ca since 2006
  • First trained at CF NYC Black Box, 16th Affiliate with Keith Wittenstein, L3
  • Apprenticeship under Mike Minimum, L3, Norcal Coordinator, at CF Oakland, 27th Affiliate
  • CrossFit L1 directly certified by Greg Glassman in 2006 at CF HQ
  • CrossFit L2 directly certified by Greg Glassman in 2007 at CF HQ
  • Affiliated since 2006, Current Affiliation since 2007, one of first 50/10,000+ affiliates.
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Certified in 2006 at CF HQ (1st PL Cert).
  • Refresher Certification in 2009 & 2011
  • CrossFit Westside Powerlifting Certified 2014
  • CrossFit L2 (Revised) Certification 2014
  • Currently working on L3 and L4 Certification
  • CrossFit Judge Certified 2013/2014
  • 20,000+ hours of training experience
  • Formal degree in Psychology

I started my CrossFit Journey in Central Park in 2004 before there was even one Affiliate on the East Coast. That original Central Park workout crew included Keith Wittenstien, founder of CrossFit Virtuosity and current member of the CrossFit Level One Certification Staff. It also included Joshua Newman founder of CrossFit Black Box NYC, the 16th Affiliate and also the world’s biggest Affiliate. I trained as an Intern at the 30th Affiliate and was personally certified L1 and L2 by Greg Glassman in 2006. I have been doing Personal Training and CrossFit Group Class Instruction full-time, since 2006. I am 50 years old in 2017. Over the age of 45 I have deadlifted 480 pounds, Squated 415 pounds, Bench Pressed 290 pounds, Strict Pressed 195 pounds and Jerked 225 pounds. (CrossFit Total 1075). I have a done a 310+ Fight Gone Bad, a 22 round Cindy, and a sub-three-minute Grace over the age of 40. I have competed in CrossFit Age-Group (Master’s) Competition. I am not a natural athlete and I have had to fight hard to get to where I am. Because of this, I have a better understanding of what it takes to make progress for the average person. Gifted athletes don’t often make the best trainers: they are primarily visual learners who can copy what they see on an intuitive, sub-verbal level, so they sometimes cannot explain how to do what they do. The best trainers are often mediocre athletes who have struggled like hell to get to where they are. I am proud to be of those mediocre athletes!

I was first exposed to CrossFit in 2002 through my Jujitsu practice. I became seriously interested in CF in 2004, when I was in the worst shape of my life; over the hill at 37 at 240 pounds (I’m 5′ 8″) and 36% bodyfat.  I have put on 35+ pounds  since December of 2004.CrossFit gave me my health and my life back: I have spent the last eleven years working full-time as a trainer.

I am constantly learning and improving my abilities as a Coach and have prepped athletes for the CrossFit Games, and other athletic pursuits. I work with everyone from world class elite athletes to folks coming off of cardiac events and open-heart surgery, cancer survivors, blind athletes and everyone in between. I specialize in helping over-40 athletes achieve the best possible fitness for their age group (and to be far, far fitter and stronger than most 25 year-olds).

I program constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity for both group and personal training clients: I follow the old-school CrossFit Main Site or “.com” template, modified for each client at any ability level. Sometimes I use completely original programming of my own devising in special situations, like training for a particular athletic event or rehab.

In addition, for Personal Training Clients, I use cloud-based shared documents and programs to allow you to participate in, and take responsibility for, the process of developing and tracking appropriate, individually targeted fitness programming.

Personal Training also includes complimentary membership in Beyond the Whiteboard.

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Note: for over 40 athletes I suggest blood tests to check hormone levels. If levels are sub-optimal your results will be as well no matter how hard you work:



  • Certifications
  • CrossFit Level 3 (CF-L3) Trainer, 2015
  • CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) aka Coaches Prep Course, 2014
  • CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer, 2011
  • Coached by CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus 2012-2014
  • Co-owner of Lewin Strength and Conditioning since 2012
  • Trainer at CrossFit East Bay since 2011, full-time since 2012
  • B.S., Unified Major in Psychology and Biology, Carnegie Mellon University, 2007

Every skill is learnable, every obstacle is overcomeable.

I grew up doing gymnastics, horseback-riding, golf, and dabbling in other individual and team sports. I started lifting weights in college thanks to and a boyfriend who would take me out to swing kettlebells in the park (my favorite kind of date).

I treat becoming fit like problem-solving. I identify pieces that need to be achieved, learn how to achieve them if I don’t know, and apply tools for achievement. Applying these basics, I have helped people to lose fat, move beyond foundational gymnastic movements, and gain strength.

To solve problems of fitness with clients, I seek out and value truth, honesty, and forthrightness. Self-honesty is an incredible problem-solving tool. Honesty can be brutal, but it needn’t be unkind.


Olympic Lifting Coach

  • Certifications
  • Formal degree in Kinesiology from Humboldt State 2008
  • USAW Certified Olympic Lifting Coach since 2008. Certification by Jim Schmitz
  • CSCS
  • Certified Functional Movement Screen Level Two Practitioner
  • Kettlebell Instruction Certification
  • Head Coach, Berkeley All Blues
  • Prop, San Diego Breakers Rugby (Professional League)
  • Prop, San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby
  • Founder, Tight Five Sevens
  • Club Director, Oakland Weightlifting USAW Club

Professional Athlete Jacob “Jake” Nelson played D2 Football and Rugby at Humbolt State. Upon graduation he was one of the first paid interns for the NSCA in 2009.

Jake currently plays rugby with the the San Diego Breakers (Pro League) and the  SFGG (San Francisco Golden Gate), the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 National Champs. Jake has also competed in regional Olympic Lifting competition.

Jake is the resident Olympic Lifting Coach and SME (subject matter expert) for CrossFit East Bay and the Club Director of our USA Weightlifting Club, Oakland Weightlifting.

Jake is the founder of “Tight Five Sevens” the bracketed rugby league where you get points for every year over 31 and every pound over 16 stone (14.5 pounds per stone or 232 pounds total).

Other fun facts about Jake: He is 6′ tall, weighs 18 stone, squats 525 pounds, Clean and Jerks over 300 pounds, has two children under four and two dogs.

Jake is a gifted trainer and has brought many people back from seemingly catastrophic injuries to full function including CrossFit East Bay Co-Owner Andrea Lewin. If you are suffering from back pain or other orthopedic sports injuries we highly recommend personal training with Jake.

Jake is a Certified Functional Movement Screen Level Two Practitioner and can administer the test and correctives.


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Ten Private Sessions With Jake
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"Tex" Brooks


  • Certifications
  • - CrossFitter since 2012
  • - Trained by EA Morgan, voted one of the top 10 personal trainers in San Francisco (SF Examiner Magazine)
  • - CF LVL-1 Trainer (2013) Course Instructors included Neal Maddox, Miranda Oldroyd, and Jason Khalipa
  • - Intern in the Adaptive Physical Education Department at Santa Rosa Junior College (2015)
  • - Extensive volunteer experience in the realm of physical therapy and adaptive physical education, including California Children's Services and SRJC APE (2015)
  • - Anatomy and Physiology tutor and teaching assistant (2014-2015) in these areas:
  • Kinesiology
  • Natural Science
  • Pre-Allied Health
  • - Currently pursuing BS in Movement Science with an emphasis on Neuromuscular Science at San Francisco State University, on track to Doctorate of Physical Therapy

I fell in love with CrossFit while ankle deep in my educational career as a mechanical engineer, working at an architectural lighting and design firm. I had been working there for years and it was clear that sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours a day was not a sustainable work environment for me. I felt trapped. I wanted to do something that mattered, help people, not draw 3D technical guides for commercial light fixtures from dawn to dusk. A word to all you 9-5 office job folks: I understand your pain! A sedentary lifestyle coupled with a severe lack of motivation and a job that forced my into an ergonomically tragic position for 8+ hours a day was killing me! I felt like I was watching the world fly by from my tiny warehouse-office window and desperately needed more from life than that. That’s when I found my first CrossFit box, down the street from my office. Ironically, my office job actually paid for a portion of my membership.


The atmosphere was electric, the athletes were inspiring, and my first coach motivated me and made me feel like I had the potential to do anything. It was empowering and exciting and I knew instantly that I wanted it to be part of my life. I also soon realized that I wanted the opportunity to motivate others in the same way that my coach did for me and I could incorporate my preexisting science-nerd inclinations to do it! Long story short, I changed my major in school, quit my computer drafting job, and became a trainer. I, subsequently, also became a physiology and anatomy junkie and have applied my obsession with human movement to my own personal training and the training of others.


After interning with a spectrum of departments within the field of kinesiology, I concluded that I didn’t want to stop there. Coaching and training athlete’s has been amazing, but my real passion is aiding in the strengthening, mobilizing, and rehabilitation of physically disadvantaged populations. That is why I have decided to pursue my DPT and become a licensed Physical Therapist. I find no greater pleasure than watching people achieve their full potential and feel truly grateful that I can be a part of that in some way. My goals as a trainer are to motivate and support you in your journey to meet your own, physical and otherwise!