San Francisco’s most convenient gym if you work in Embarcadero is… in Oakland!

Yes – we have showers (nice ones)!

Located 3oo meters from the Jack London Ferry Terminal, CrossFit East Bay can give you a major lifestyle upgrade. Work out in the morning and enjoy a scenic boat ride to the city. It takes about 25 minutes from our front door to the Embarcadero Ferry Terminal in San Francisco. Or unwind after work with one of our evening classes.

Let’s face it. BART sucks. Especially at peak hours. Packed into a smelly, dirty tube with 400,000 people riding the system every day. The ferry is different. Open, airy, clean. Have a cup of coffee and relax! There is no crime because, duh, you are definitely going to be caught! There are no vagrants because you have to get off at the other end. Just you and the other nice people heading to work and the occasional tourist.

Park for free at Douglas Parking adjacent to the Ferry (in the same building as Yoshi’s).