By Andrea Lewin, L3, Co-Owner, CrossFit East Bay


Be On Time

Getting to class on time means you can properly warm up for the workout. Life happens, and if you do come in late, put your things in a cubby, hit some burpees or Air Bike to warm up, and then join in whatever the class is doing.


Leave Your Ego At The Door

We will to teach you how to be a better CrossFitter. We don’t care how much you can lift, only that you keep improving.


Be Kind to Equipment

In our introductory PT sessions, we teach you when and how to drop barbells, and how to treat the equipment. Our equipment is used every day and needs to stay in good working order.


Ghost riding your barbell in our space means that it will hurt your bar and/or someone else’s shins.


Put your equipment away when you are done using it.


Stay Off Of In-Use Platforms

Do not walk behind/in front of a lifter: stay off of in-use platforms (the orange part of the floor).


Be Communicative

Lift feels weird? Don’t understand a cue? Let us know. Coaching depends on two-way communication and feedback.


Going on vacation? Let us know. We look at how often you come to the gym


Open Gym

If a coach is at the gym and it’s not class time, it’s Open Gym time. We also post guaranteed Open Gym hours on the schedule.


During Class

We value the quality of our class environment, so classes have primary use of the gym when they are in session. During class, feel free to work on dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight movements or mobility, and take rowers/bikes/double-unders outside. Get permission from the coach who is running the class for barbell work. Bring sidebar conversations outside when the primary instructor is addressing the group.


Children and Dogs

The rules for Children and Dogs are roughly the same: if your loved one can sit quietly in the lounge or another out-of-the-way place, we are happy to have them! For the safety of all concerned, when classes are running children and dogs cannot be on the platforms or anywhere else in the gym where a workout is taking place.