By Ed Rockowitz, CMT, ART, NKT
ART Certified Provider | NCBTMB Cont. Edu. Instructor


With CrossFit or any ongoing exercise program, muscle aches, pains and injury can occur.  Good nutrition, hydration, supplements and Self Care, all play an important role in keeping our bodies healthy and assisting in a faster recovery time.


Mobility:  Unlike old fashion stretching, Mobility is an important form of self-care.  Using a foam roller, lacrosse ball or straps can be used to loosen up hypertonic (over used and tight) muscles while helping to increase range of motion.  While CrossFit often implements mobility before or after a WOD, it can be very useful to do on your own time, on off days.

For a full body mobility guide, Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett or check in with a coach about your goals or limitations.


Bodywork: I highly encourage athletes who are serious about their exercise goals to consider some form of massage/bodywork, chiropractic or acupuncture.  Look for someone who has a deep understanding of anatomy and has experience with athletes or sports injuries.  Don’t wait until there is an injury seek bodywork.  Bodywork is best used for preventative measures.


Understand with repetitive motions over time, our nervous system can shut down a muscles response time.  This causes other muscle to compensate and potentially cause injury from the relational compensation patterns that develop.   Bodywork can be very helpful in balancing both the over active and under active muscles which in turn will prevent or help for a quicker recovery time not to mention and thus allowing you to reach your goals faster.


There is a simple relationship between mobility and stability.  If a muscle or group of muscles are not functioning optimally, the nervous system sends a message to the body limiting mobility as a self-defense mechanism for safety.  Mobility and Stability are synergistic.  Until the nervous system senses a muscle group is functioning together correctly, it will continue to have mobility limitations.  Only when all muscles work independently creating stability which only then will allow for mobility to gained.


Epson Salt baths:  Min Two full boxes of Epson Salt per soak.  The Key ingredient is a mineral called Magnesium Sulfate which helps calm the nervous system (great sleep aid) however also aids in removing inflation in the body.


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