We are an old-school CrossFit Affiliate, one of the first few hundred in the world out of over 13,000 operating today.

We follow CrossFit HQ’s training regimen, which is designed to challenge the world’s fittest athletes, but is also scalable to ANY ability level.

Our workouts are HARD. Because they are hard, they are effective. Hard=Results. This does not mean you cannot do them: the program is fully scalable to any ability level.

The fitness needs of our grandmothers, rugby players, SWAT teams, the blind and Jujitsu medalists and champions, busy entrepreneurs, medical, legal and other professionals, as well as YOU, me and everyone else differ by degree, not by kind. We serve all of the above groups (and by the way the Jujitsu world champion is also a blind grandfather) and use the same program, scaled appropriately for all of them.

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