Prevent injury and improve mobility and athletic ability with the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). We provide testing and correction for individuals, groups and corporate clients. Lower your injury risk.

The FMS is a system of testing, evaluating and improving basic human movement patterns. It is proven that a score of 15 or above on the FMS (out of 21) radically lowers injury risk in individuals and populations. Please see this large population study of the New South Wales Police Force in Sydney, Austraila. The FMS has been an official test at the NFL Combine since 2011. The NFL does not use methods that are not proven. There is too much money on the line.

How it works:

You may make an appointment to come to our facility and be tested. The test takes about 20 minutes and is $89.00. Assuming you want and need correctives there is an additional $39.00 charge for a customized plan of corrective exercises (examples below). The total cost is $128.00 to radically lower your risk of injury and improve movement and athleticism.

For corporate clients and groups, we will come to you with a minimum of nine people. For corporate clients or groups more than five linear miles from our location at 66 Franklin St. #100b in Jack London Square in Oakland there will be an additional travel fee based on distance.

Email Jake for more information.

Single FMS Test
Single Functional Movement Screen
Correctives are $39 additional
Single FMS + Correctives
Single Functional Movement Screen plus correctives
FMS Five-Pack + Correctives
Functional Movement Screen plus correctives
Includes four follow up sessions
Save $85
Corporate/Group Ten-Pack
Ten-person single Functional Movement Screen
Correctives are $39 additional each person
We come to you free within five miles of our location. Travel fee applies for more distant locations