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The team at CrossFit East Bay has decades of collective Personal Training Experience. Owner Maximus Lewin has been a Personal Trainer since 2006 and has tens of thousands of hours of experience training everyone from average Joes and Janes to CrossFit Games competitors and adaptive athletes. Our team of focused professionals can help you achieve any goal.

Whether you are training to hike Kilimanjaro, get ready for a wedding, want to come back from injury, lose weight, get ready for a spartan race or anything else we can help! Sign up above for a 1/2 price session to see if we are for you.

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Personal Training in Olympic Lifting or other modalities can be reserved with Jacob Nelson, Above. Jake gives discounts for 10-session packages.

Professional Athlete Jacob “Jake” Nelson played D2 Football and Rugby at Humbolt State. Upon graduation he was one of the first paid interns for the NSCA in 2009.

Jake currently plays rugby with the the San Diego Breakers (Pro League) and the  SFGG (San Francisco Golden Gate), the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 National Champs. Jake has also competed in regional Olympic Lifting competition.

Jake is the resident Olympic Lifting Coach and SME (subject matter expert) for CrossFit East Bay and the Club Director of our USA Weightlifting Club, Oakland Weightlifting.

Jake is the founder of “Tight Five Sevens” the bracketed rugby league where you get points for every year over 31 and every pound over 16 stone (14.5 pounds per stone or 232 pounds total).

Other fun facts about Jake: He is 6′ tall, weighs 18 stone, squats 525 pounds, Clean and Jerks over 300 pounds, has two children under four and two dogs.

Jake is a gifted trainer and has brought many people back from seemingly catastrophic injuries to full function including CrossFit East Bay Co-Owner Andrea Lewin. If you are suffering from back pain or other orthopedic sports injuries we highly recommend personal training with Jake.

Jake is a Certified Functional Movement Screen Level Two Practitioner and can administer the test and correctives.